Pradena del Rincon, population at more of 1.000 m. altitude, in the madrilenian Sierra del Rincón, declared biosphere reserve by UNESCO, with beautiful landscapes and very interesting paths which you can visit at any time of the year.

All these peculiarities make attractive landscapes where the hand of man has hardly spoken and where Prairie and mountain compete in prominence. Walk in his paths we can find Oaks, Holly, Juniper, Heather, Cherry trees, Perales, Olmos and aromatic plants. Fauna goes from Fox to Roe deer, passing through wild boar, Golden Eagles and a large number of birds.

What to visit

There are numerous trails and outdoor activities, to learn about the vast cultural and natural heritage of this area of the Sierra del Rincón, as for example the mill in la Hiruela (that you can see in operation), or the lagoon of the Salmoral, prádena. There are guided tours in the five villages of the Sierra del Rincón.


The local cuisine include especially the beans, potatoes, migas de pastor and the good local meat.


More than 900 years of history covered at this charming village of the Serranía del Rincón. It is very well preserved, and still remain some of the Customs and traditions of the local culture. A single nave, The Church is divided into plant around its axis. The most important element is the apse, covered by a vault of oven and open to the nave through arches of diaphragm.


The core sits on a hill in a gentle slope towards the bed of the Brook of la Garita. Like most of the mountain villages, It has a sparse and fluffy urban plot with large spaces in the interior of the apples. Gandullas to Montejo road divides the village into two parts. The Centre of the settlement is structured between the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and the Church. Dwellings, of purely rural character, mingle with the constructions of agricultural use.