Robregordo a charming village that goes beyond nature.

Robregordo is located in the mountain range's Somosierra, North of the community of Madrid, only 91 km. of the Capital by the autovía de Burgos (N-1), access by bus from Plaza de Castilla.

With an extension 22,3 km. his term is one of the most jarring, They include the peaks of new Cebollera (1.832m) and Knucklebone (1.834m).

It borders to the North and East with Somosierra, to the South with Horcajo and to the West with La Acebeda. The famous Cañada Real Segovia crosses the term and see the old transfer of sheep in the area.

What to visit

The Dehesa Boyal It is situated on the left bank of the old national I, to 400 m from the town centre. It stands out for its great scenic value, surrounded by mountains in three directions and surprise the large presence of birds who enjoy the varied and lush trees. Populated with oak forests, yew trees, whitebeam, wild cherry (homesickness), Hazel, Birch, willows, Blackthorn, beetles, Serval (of "Hunter" spectacular in autumn with its striking red berries), shrubs, brooms, San Blas, maillos (Wild Apple trees), hawthorns and other species that make up a majestic landscape.

The set and harmony of smells and colors in Robregordo is shocking. The wild flowers of spring, Violet, lilies, campanillas, Roses, lush helechales and brooms are a natural spectacle.

Complete all this lovely scenario known "Holly", forming a unique forest in the center of Spain. Its whimsical matas occasionally become Grove, forming circles or "aceberas" where inside, even today, protect the livestock from the weather.

The recreational area "El Plantío" are in the top of Robregordo, space adapted for barbecue and the lunch box. It also has a soccer field to enjoy outdoor sports. Planting is starting point of marked paths, for those who prefer hiking and routes across the mountains where you can probably cross with a roe deer, a wild boar or a rabbit.

So close to Madrid with so much beauty that discover nothing better to stay in the new rural houses EL BULÍN de Robregordo.

In autumn and winter you cobijaran with both heating and fireplaces (firewood including) making you live a town full of natural spectacles.

And at any time of the year we recommend do routes and paths with a good camera, don't forget that you'll be in the village with the largest Acebedal of the center of Spain!


The word "Robregordo" has its origin in ancient oaks place, founded in times of the Reconquista.  Until year 1967 it depended of Somosierra and its economic development was continued as a strategic step towards Burgos and Bayonne, for traders and travelers, so many inns were built, taverns and Inns.

In the sixties of the 20th century, the line of the coming railroad opened a station and increased rural tourism, later the service was interrupted and surprisingly right now is to open a tourist route that will end at the picturesque station of Robregordo.

Mainly livestock area, where the maintenance of grassland meadows has always been priority, abundant flocks of sheep, goats, cows, mares and horses grazed in their fields.

In the surrounding fertile land, each neighbor cultivated small gardens with vegetables, serving the irrigation.  An old and care system, it endures to the present day and can be seen in all its geography, It collects the water of the river that runs through the pasture on the site called "The mother".  It is channelled through regueras outdoors at a distance of 2 km. until you reach the village, where distributed is by ditches (Today pipelined predominantly), It distributed water by all farms and orchards.  These waters, You ply the urban enclosure, were also used for washing clothes, personal hygiene, etc..  In cleaning, conservation, improvement and evacuation of this system, involved all the men of the place, being this personal and free delivery, custom that is maintained to the present day, the popular name of "hacenderas".

The main value of Robregordo is your rife with rich natural resources environment.  Oyster Mushrooms are collected in autumn, wild mushrooms that grow under the ferns, Boletus and chanterelles, among other varieties.  We can also find in any of the routes and paths, raspberries, wild strawberries, Blackberries, sloe Gin, hazelnuts, etc..  We can also observe wild vegetables like asparagus, chicory, chickweed, watercress, thyme and Rosemary which aromatized our March.

The saying, "there is no source without Brook", and so is, in Robregordo the richness of life carries with it the water.  The northernmost area we have Brook "Santo Domingo" and "La Umbría" and "Round hole" outputs and "Majafrades Lakes" joined "Los Arroyos".  A little further down from "Mother", at "Dams", leave "The war" and "The Sub-desert" collecting the water of la dehesa and the dumping of Somosierra.  Power down from the West comes "Valdelacasa" and "Cardosillos", is formed where the river Madarquillos, famous for their fine and tasty trout.  From the East, parallel to the village, the stream "The Valley".


Its rural architecture, as the all the Sierra Norte, is conditioned by the climate. The slabs of slate, Stone, adobe and wood are the basic material used for dwellings achieving so bundle up for the rigors of the winter.